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What do you do? Currently I am in school to become a personal trainer as well as I work at a local Juice bar serving up plant based foods and drinks!
What's your favorite J. Selby's menu item?
Currently my favorite J Selby’s menu item is the Solo Burger with pickles and special sauce. It’s seriously amazing! 
What's your favorite thing to do in the Cities?
My favorite thing to do in the Cities would be walking around Lake Harriet or through the skyways downtown.
What's your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is the moose due to their size and structure.
What is something you're passionate about? Why? 
Something I’m passionate about is helping other people live a happier and fuller life! I really value health and I want to share that with others!
What made you decide to follow the vegan diet/lifestyle?
I decided to follow the vegan life style when I became informed on how bad animal products are for our bodies! I also grew in my spirituality thus creating more compassion for animals and living beings!
What is one piece of advice you'd offer to someone hoping to become vegan or eat plant-based?
Advice I’d offer for someone starting a plant based diet would be to try to live by  the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80 percent is at home where you’re going to do your best to eat an exclusive plant based diet and then give yourself 20 percent where you can go out to eat with friends or try a new restaurant! It is important to fuel your body correctly but you never want to deprive yourself of anything!

You can find Ruby on Youtube and Instagram.

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