Our ideals



All plants, all the time

At J. Selby’s, we choose to refer to our food as plant based in an effort to foster inclusivity to those who choose to eat plant-based for ethical, environmental or health reasons. Our mission is to expose as many people as possible to a plant based diet in a way that is familiar to them. Our focus is on those who might be considering changing their eating habits to include more plant based food. We offer familiar comfort foods such as cheeseburgers made with meat and cheese substitutes, as well as dishes that are more vegetable based such as falafel and bowls. 

As of August 25, 2018 J. Selby’s has saved 40,499,200 gallons of water by serving our Dirty Secret, Solo, Philly and BBQ Beaf sandwiches using plant-based “meats” instead of cows.  Thanks for helping us save our planet! Every pound of cow meat requires 1800 gallons of water to produce, whereas every pound of soybean/wheat requires 200 gallons of water to produce. 

Our famous Buffalo Wings.

Our famous Buffalo Wings.

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J. Selby’s is a no-tipping establishment. We have adjusted our prices to guarantee all staff a fair wage and benefits, without added tips. We believe it’s our job as employers to price fair wages in, even if that’s not the norm in our industry.  Now, the real cost of paying all our employees a fair and decent wage plus benefits is built into the price of the meal you eat.  All employees at J. Selby’s are paid at least $15 per hour with benefits including paid time off.  Employees averaging 32 hours or more per week are eligible for health insurance benefits.



All of our food waste is composted. We also use compostable basket liners, sauce containers, to-go silverware, to-go bowls, to-go containers, cups, and napkins. Since we planned the restaurant with reduced waste and optimized recycling and organics, we are recycling or composting about 90% of our waste. This is estimated to be about 25 tons of recyclables and 30 tons of organics a year.


Sustainable indulgence

Going to a restaurant is an opportunity for guests to indulge. We are committed to offering our guests what we call Sustainable Indulgence. Simply put: to indulge does not mean eating something that comes at the expense of the planet or animals. So, whether it is a previously unexplored curiosity about plant-based food, a vegan’s desire for comfort food they thought they couldn’t find, or even a memorable night out for friends, J. Selby’s is the place you can enjoy sustainable indulgence,


Englightened hospitality

We provide great food, in a great setting, prepared and presented by great people and given with a sense of true hospitality. It begins with our commitment as staff and management to treat one another as valued human beings creating a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. It continues with our desire to see, hear and serve our guests with genuine hospitality that ensures their time with us is joyfully memorable.



We are partnered with Greener Fields Together to help connect with local farmers who have sustainable farming practices. Greener Fields work with businesses to help them systematically evolve into more sustainable, eco-driven companies. They do it through sustainability assessments and regular third-party audits to track and measure ongoing improvements.