J. Selby's: a plant-based eatery


J. Selby's is a plant-based restaurant  in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We offer familiar favorites reimagined as plant-based fare and new, exciting dishes for everyone to enjoy. We hope you'll find something familiar and delicious here and make new memories with friends and family.

Who is j. selby?

Our name, J. Selby's, comes from Jeremiah W. Selby:

“Reckoned as “industrious, economical, and thrifty,” Jeremiah W. Selby (1812–55) traveled to St. Paul in 1849 for his health and purchased a forty-acre farm on St. Anthony Hill where the Cathedral of St. Paul now stands. On this farm, for which he paid fifty dollars an acre, Selby built a house and made a comfortable living raising potatoes and vegetables.” 

- from The Street Where You Live: A Guide to the Place Names of St. Paul by Donald Empson, published by the University of Minnesota Press, 2006.