plant-based food

At J. Selby’s, we intentionally refer to our food as plant-based. We do this to hopefully build a sense of inclusivity and community among all who are making the choice to eat plants.

We hope to offer a dining experience that, although entirely plant-based, feels familiar. We have those who are veg-curious in the forefront of our mind. J. Selby’s serves plant-based comfort foods, such as burgers made with meat and cheese substitutes, as well as vegetable-based dishes, such as stir-fries and salads. We also always have a large variety of delectable baked goods and soft serve - all of which are always dairy- and egg-free.

As of late 2018, J. Selby’s has saved 40,499,200 gallons of water by serving our Dirty Secret, Solo, Philly and BBQ Beaf sandwiches using plant-based “meats” instead of cows. Every pound of cow meat requires 1800 gallons of water to produce, whereas every pound of soybean/wheat requires only 200 gallons of water to produce. Thank you for helping us ease the burden on our planet!  

Our Buffalo Wings

Our Buffalo Wings

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision


J. Selby’s is a non-tipping establishment. Our menu prices are reflective of the real cost of guaranteeing our entire staff a fair wage and benefits, without having to depend on additional tips. We believe it is our job as an employer to price this in, even if it is not normal in the industry.

All employees at J. Selby’s are paid at least $15/hour and receive benefits, including paid time-off. Employees averaging 32+ hours/week are eligible for health insurance benefits.


reuse & recycle

Our food waste is always composted. We also use a large variety of compostable goods, including our: to-go boxes, to-go bowls, to-go (soyclone) cups, to-go silverware, basket liners, plastic sauce ramekins, paper towels and napkins.

We envisioned and planned this restaurant with reduced waste and optimized recycling and organics in mind, and we have continued to recycle and compost about 90% of all of our waste. This is estimated to be about 25 tons of recyclables and 30 tons of organics a year.


Sustainable indulgence

Going to a restaurant is an opportunity to indulge, and we are committed to providing a dining experience that feels indulgent - but sustainably so.

Simply put, Sustainable Indulgence is a manner of action that proves that feeling truly indulgent does not necessitate negatively impacting the planet, animals, or your physical health.

So whether it is a gnawing curiosity about a plant-based diet, a vegan’s desire for “naughty” food they thought they’d never be able to have again, or simply a decadent dinner out, J. Selby’s is the place for you.


Englightened hospitality

We are set on offering great food, in a great setting, prepared by great people who deliver everything with a sense of true hospitality.

This starts from a commitment made between our staff and our management to treat everyone on the team as a valued human being and to create a culture within our workplace of mutual respect and collaboration. We can then see, hear and serve our guests with genuine hospitality, thus ensuring their time with us exceeds their expectations.

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision



We are partnered with Greener Fields Together, an organization that works with businesses to help them systematically evolve into more sustainable, eco-driven companies. They do this through sustainability assessments and regular third-party audits to track and measure ongoing improvements. 

banner photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision