Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours?

Monday through Saturday – 11am - 10pm
Sunday – 9am - 8pm

We are closed: Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and the Fourth of July.

Where are you located?

We’re at the corner of Victoria Street and Selby Avenue in St. Paul.

Our address is:
169 N. Victoria Street
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Where can I park?

We do not have our own parking lot, so all parking is street parking. None of the nearby surrounding area is metered.

For other transportation options: We have bike racks along Selby Avenue, and the Metro Transit Bus 21 stops right in front of our storefront.

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

Do you take reservations?

Since we are a counter-service restaurant without a hostess or traditional wait staff, we operate on a first come first served basis.

If you have a large party planning to come in: We ask that you give us a call 15-20 minutes before your group arrives so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Do you do carry out orders?

Yes, however we do not take orders over the phone. You can place an order to-go at the counter, or order online (and skip the line!) here.

How do I order food?

Our menus are located along the black half wall as you walk in the door. You’ll place your order at our front register. You’ll receive a number to display in the caddy at your table, which helps us find you when we deliver your food to you.

A tip!: You can always order drinks or a dessert at the far left end of the bar.

What items are gluten/nut/soy-free? 

Our cashier has several allergy-friendly menus with them at the register. Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Do you take tips?

J. Selby's is a no-tipping establishment.

What is the Community Bowl?

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

photo by Vanessa from Third Eye Vision

The community bowl is a pay-what-you-can option. We want everyone to have access to a hearty and delicious plant-based meal, with no worry about the cost.

Our suggested price is $5-11. Or - there are Community Bowl Tokens at our front register that have already been “paid-forward.” These may be redeemed for a free bowl.

Do you allow dogs inside?

We allow service animals with proper identification, but no other dogs or animals.

Do you have a patio?

We do not.

Can I sit down before I order food? 

If there is no line and we are not busy - absolutely! However, once we reach a certain capacity, our ability to serve you well really depends on you ordering before you sit down.

We will gladly facilitate your ordering process if you are: blind, unable to stand in line, have children or a baby, or for other reasons.

Why is your kitchen closed from 2 to 3 Sunday?

Our kitchen is small, so this hour is what’s needed to nd we have to change over from our brunch ingredients to our dinner items.

Can I purchase gift cards?

Yes! You can buy a digital one here or come into the restaurant for a physical one.

Are you wheelchair-friendly?

Absolutely! If you need help with doors or moving chairs, let someone know and we will happily assist. We have a wheelchair accessible restroom as well.